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Founded in 2018, TGS Worldwide has been a leading footwear innovator in the Middle East. TGS offers fashionable and trendy high-quality footwear while staying accessible. Started from a small, simple selection of summer footwear, the need for stylish yet affordable footwear elevated TGS in the market. Now, TGS carries hundreds of styles and colors to fit into any wardrobe. 

Founded to provide clients with the latest trends, TGS does not skip out on quality with each item being handmade. Most pieces from TGS, whether it's handbags or footwear, are made by local artisans from our community. Sustainability is also a part of our brand, as we do not overproduce, give back to our local communities, and try to incorporate materials without harmful dyes and chemicals. Although sustainability is a journey, we're currently growing our sustainability efforts each day! We focus on the quality of our products and provide top-level customer service as we stand behind all our pieces.

 At TGS, you will find a piece for every and any occasion. From boots, slippers, and loafers to handbags, apparel, and accessories, we have it all! Dress up or dress down, you'll be able to style all your outfits.